Plug-in JavaScript Chapter 5, Example 42 (Click on the icon to view the source for copy and pasting)
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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
<html><head><title>Plug-in JavaScript: Example 42</title>

<script src="PJ.js"></script>


<div id='democrat'><h2>Democrat Info</h2>
The Democratic Party is one of the world's oldest parties, and<br />
has the most registered voters of any party in the world as of<br />
2004. It is considered to be left of center.<p>
<a id='democrat' href='#'>Click to see Republican info</a></div>

<div id='republican'><h2>Republican Info</h2>
The Republican Party is often called the Grand Old Party or the<br />
GOP, despite being the younger of the two major parties.  It is<br />
considered to be right of center.<p>
<a id='republican' href='#'>Click to see Democrat info</a></div>


window.onload = function()
   O('democrat').onclick   = toggle
   O('republican').onclick = toggle

   function toggle()
      HideToggle(Array('democrat', 'republican'))