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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
<html><head><title>Plug-in JavaScript: Example 64</title>

<script src="PJ.js"></script>


<span id='h1'><b>News</b></span><br /><span id='c1'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='local.htm'>Local News</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='world.htm'>World News</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='entertainment.htm'>Entertainment News</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='business.htm'>Business News</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='technology.htm'>Technology News</a><br/ ></span>

<span id='h2'><b>Sport</b></span><br /><span id='c2'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='football.htm'>Football</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='baseball.htm'>Baseball</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='hockey.htm'>Hockey</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='soccer.htm'>Soccer</a><br/ ></span>

<span id='h3'><b>Weather</b></span><br /><span id='c3'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='movies.htm'>Movies</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='music.htm'>Music</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='televison.htm'>Television</a><br/ ></span>

<span id='h4'><b>Links</b></span><br /><span id='c4'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='index.htm'>Home Page</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='articles.htm'>Articles</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='videos.htm'>Videos</a><br/ >
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='podcasts.htm'>Podcasts</a><br/ ></span>

<!-- Comment out the above HTML and and the first FoldingMenu()
     call in the script section below. Then uncomment this
     section and the commented out FoldingMenu() call in the
     script section to see this menu repurposed to use the
     'hover' action.

<span id='h1'><b>News</b></span> |
<span id='h2'><b>Sport</b></span> |
<span id='h3'><b>Weather</b></span> |
<span id='h4'><b>Links</b></span><br />

<span id='c1'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='local.htm'>Local News</a>
&nbsp; <a href='world.htm'>World News</a>
&nbsp; <a href='entertainment.htm'>Entertainment News</a>
&nbsp; <a href='business.htm'>Business News</a>
&nbsp; <a href='technology.htm'>Technology News</a></span>

<span id='c2'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='football.htm'>Football</a>
&nbsp; <a href='baseball.htm'>Baseball</a>
&nbsp; <a href='hockey.htm'>Hockey</a>
&nbsp; <a href='soccer.htm'>Soccer</a></span>

<span id='c3'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='movies.htm'>Movies</a>
&nbsp; <a href='music.htm'>Music</a>
&nbsp; <a href='televison.htm'>Television</a></span>

<span id='c4'>
&nbsp; &raquo; <a href='index.htm'>Home Page</a>
&nbsp; <a href='articles.htm'>Articles</a>
&nbsp; <a href='videos.htm'>Videos</a>
&nbsp; <a href='podcasts.htm'>Podcasts</a></span>


window.onload = function()
   headings = Array('h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4')
   contents = Array('c1', 'c2', 'c3', 'c4')
   FoldingMenu(headings, contents, 'click', 'inflate', 0, 0, 1, 200, 300, 1)
// FoldingMenu(headings, contents, 'hover', 'inflate', 0, 0, 1, 200, 300, 1)